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Basic Self Assessment Question Please Help

I signed up for SE years ago because I was earning money through freelance design. I asked HMRC to stop sending my self assessments which they haven't done... This isnt a big issue because im thinking of doing some self employed work again.

But now im filling 2011/12s return with some basic employee info. Such as Salery, Tax contribution, Student loan payments ext

I get to the end and im expecting a bill of £0.00 because ive paid all tax through my employer and instead im horrified to see £395.80

The summery describes this as: 'Total tax, Class 4 NIC and Student loan due for 2011-12'

I have a reference image on ''

Ive clearly done something wrong but I cant see what ive done. Any ideas? 

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Basic SE question


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Three possibilities

ShirleyM |
  1. You have entered something incorrectly on the return
  2. Your employer has not operated the PAYE scheme correctly
  3. Your employer has not operated the student loan deductions correctly

Check your tax code notice. Do you have an extra allowance for employee expenses that haven't been entered on the return?

Hello thank you for your

mrdmorrison |

Hello thank you for your reply,

I have attached two other documents in the hope that this would help clarify my situation. One is the P60 and another is what I have filled in on SE. 

These are the only pages I have really filled in any details.


The only other details are that I may have received some company expenses for travel allowance but tax was already paid on these through PAYE, so im thinking this would not be a contributing factor?

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If you want us ...

Old Greying Acc... |

... to see the documents, which i don't advise, you need to upload to Aweb server then insert in your post - all you are doing is attaching documents from your local drive which we cannot see.

I have sent you a PM.

Ah, that explains the

tringyokel |

Ah, that explains the position.

Your code number is 932 which means your employer has allowed 9,325 (say) allowance tax free.  The personal allowance was only 7,475 so the code includes an extra 1,850 worth of allowances.  Do you have the calculation of the code number?

£1,850 @ 20% is £370.

If the code number is correct then you have omitted to claim the £1,850 allowance in the return. If no allowance is due then I'm afraid you owe the money.  

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Ok, how did you do that ...

Old Greying Acc... |

... I can't see the documents here!

Ive removed them from my

mrdmorrison |

Ive removed them from my server.

They basically say

Final tax code : 932L

Employment income 27,389

Tax 3,612

Student Loan 1,090

No pensions or anything else

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Tax code

ShirleyM |

You have an extra allowance. Your tax code notice will tell you what the extra allowance is for.

If you have incurred travel costs as an employee, you should get tax relief on these costs.

I do remember getting a

mrdmorrison |

I do remember getting a letter from HMRC during in the year detailing something about a new tax code. but I mistakenly binned it 

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Phone HMRC

petersaxton |

and ask them what it said.